A'ka'mari is the first Mechromancy conlang. It's intended to be the language of a tribe of desert dwellers (called Akamari, note the lack of apostrophes) in the official fictions.


A'ka'mari is pronounced very much as it is spelled. It is noted that there are no "c","y","w", or "z" letters. "i"'s are pronounced like "y" sounds in English.


A: A is generally used as the word "the", though it can be used for a number of additional purposes. It's used mainly for emphasis, and is a pronoun. It is also used after a word to show plurality.
An: An means "protector".
Ba: Ba is the word for "duel", though it can also mean "battle" or "war". A ba never ends without a death.
Da: Da is the word for a sharp weapon. It means any weapon that causes bleeding.
Di: Di is the word for green plants, leaves, and flowers. It always is plural, referring more to the material than an object, di'a is the term used for wood and bark.
Ha: Ha is a verb used similarly to "hunt", though it works in place of "forage" and "scavenge", but not "search".
Ja:Ja is a word used for peace. It can also mean tranquility, or times of plenty.
Ka: Ka is the word "language". It carries no other weight.
La: La is the word for (in conjunction) "life", "water", and is also a term for a noble warrior. It can also be used to describe mages and shamans, as well as respected leaders. It can also mean "Savior through violence".
Mari: Mari is the word that the Akamari use for themselves.
Na: Na is the word for death. It can also be used to describe exile, as the Akamari believe that both are similar. It can also be used for a drought or lack of water.
Ni: Ni is the term for an harmless small animal.
Ra: Ra is the term for deity.
Sa: Sa is an word used to indicate the opposite. For instance, Sa'la would be used for a coward, mercenary, or barbarian, as La means life. However, it is noted that Sa'la cannot mean death, due to there being a seperate term for death.
Sha: Sha is a term for a transport, such as a space ship, that is mechanical.
Shi: Shi is the term for an animal used as a mount.
Ta: Ta is the word used to signify distance.
The: The is the term for magic, mana, or anything wizardly.

Word Combination

The Akamari build words out of terms, using apostrophes as written notifiers (pronounced with syllable breaks, or stops for breath). This can be done pretty much in any logical way, though generally modifiers will be put first, and subjects are put last. The term Sa'ka is used to state that there has been a difference in interpretation. The Akamari are close knit, and value communication, so this is viewed only as a convenience.

Common Word Combinations

A'na'la: A term used for the life and psychological damage of a warrior,
Da'ta: A term used for a ranged weapon that classifies as a da. The combination for a sa'da ranged weapon is sa'da'ta.
Ha'la: A positive term for a good scavenger.
Ja'la: A term used for a pacifist hero, or philanthropist.
Na'la: Not used as a warrior's death, the term is actually a legal term requesting a person be exiled. Can be grounds for a duel (ba).
Sa'ba: A term used for a friendly sparring match, as opposed to a duel. can also be used for the death of a warrior.
Sa'da: A term used for any weapon that does not cause bleeding. It is also used as an insult to call a person an idiot.
Sa'ha: A term used for a lazy person or coward. Often used in an accusation for a sentence of Na'la
Sa'la: An accusation similar to Sa'ha, though it means more along the lines of "not worth their water".
Sa'ni: An dangerous small animal.
Sha'la: An armored vehicle. Compares roughly with APC or tank armor levels.
Shi'ha: A feral mount, literally one that can survive in the wild.
An'the'ra: The Akamari god, literally: "Magical protector god"

Notable Cultural Backgrounds

The Akamari are very close-knit. They value each other, honor, and valor above all else, though they do not desire fame. They generally use Mari as the name for themselves when in contact with other societies, because they have a sense of group rather than individual. They follow laws to the letter. They are warlike, though, but do praise philanthropy and other "good" actions.

It is important to remember when translating "La" that the Akamari use it for mighty warriors, water, and mages, the latter of which are very uncommon among them.

Blunt weapons (Sa'da'a) are viewed as dishonorable, and are frowned upon as they leave no visible injury. It is a source of debate as to the da status of energy weapons, though most agree that chemical-based weapons that rely on explosive force, such as rocket launchers and guns, are da.

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