Welcome to the USE Wiki

Welcome to the USE Wiki. It is also the home of Mechromancy, CyberWars, and Armed Apocalypse.



  1. E-Mail me at era-thon-iel-wood-en-bow[at-sign]ya-hoo(dot)cOm to contact me. Un-spamsafe it first.
  2. This will eventually contain the entire pencil and paper CyberWars game, if it ever evolves into one.
  3. This will detail my GM'ing methods, you are free to GM your own campaigns, just paste a link on this page, and link here, please.
  4. This also has anything related to the Universal System Engine (USE).


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Some of you may think this is the MMORPG which I know nothing about. It is not. That is all I have to say.

The original forum version on McLeodGaming, and here, is very rules light.

I may release a rules heavy version after some play and feedback.

Current Projects

Literature (Canon)

Literature (Semi-Canon)

Literature (Non-Canon)


Mechromancy is the only game that's got a very deep universe.

Where it's played


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